The timeline of Operation Enduring Freedom October 7 to November 27, 2001


October 7. Missiles and bombs attack targets in Afghanistan. President addresses the nation. Iran and Iraq condemn the attacks.

October 8. U.S. ships and planes attack air fields, ground troops and military facilities of the Taliban Regime. Mass riots in Quetta, Pakistan. Tom Ridge sworn in as Homeland Security Secretary .U.S. drops food aid packages on Afghanistan.

October 9. U.S. airplanes hit air defenses sites in Afghanistan. Five killed in Anti-American riots in Pakistan..

October 10. U.S. intensifies attacks on Kabul and Kandahar with Bunker Busters Bombs.

October 11. Bush labels Osama Bin Laden a Parasite. U.S. bombing lull.

October 12. U.S. planes bomb Kabul.

October 13. U.S. dropping leaflets over Afghanistan and Humanitarian packets.U.S. bombs cities and Taliban Troop positions. Anti-American riots in Nigeria.U.S. More Anthrax cases found.

October 14. More Anthrax spores found.

October 15. Anthrax hits Capital Hill.U.S. planes attack target in Kabul and drop leaflet over Afghanistan.

October 16. U.S. airstrikes hit Kabul and Kandahar.

October 17. Anthrax alerts shut down the House of Representatives. U.S. attacks on Kandahar hits Taliban positions.

October 18. U.S. warplanes attack Kabul and Kandahar.

October 19. 100 Special Forces Troops raid Taliban site.

October 21 U.S. postal clerk is 9th victim of Anthrax.

October 22. Two U.S. postal workers die and 2 others are seriously ill from Anthrax. U.S. bombs Bagram Airbase and Charikar for a second day.

October 23. Taliban fire rockets Charikar killing 2 and injuring 15 near bazaar.

October 25. U.S. pounds positions on Afghanistan.

October 26. U.S. planes bomb Red Cross Warehouse by mistake.

October 27. U.S. planes bomb target North of Afghanistan.

October 28. U.S. accidently kills 13 civilians.

October 29. U.S. planes bomb tunnels and bunkers in the Northern part of Afghanistan.

October 31. More reservist called up for" Terror War".B-52s bomb Taliban positions in Kandahar and Kabul.

November 1. U.S. Planes bomb Taliban garrison.

November 2. U.S. Soldiers killed in a copter in Afghanistan. B-52s bomb Taliban positions North of the Afghan capital. Taliban sends 1,000 Non-Afghans to man Front-line positions.

November 4. More U.S. Special Forces Troops enter Afghanistan to help Northern Alliance.

November 5. U.S. Planes bomb Taliban front line positions near Mazar-e-Sharif.

November 6. U.S. Planes bomb Taliban targets in Northern Afghanistan.Anti-Taliban Troops capture vital cities.

November 8. U.S. Planes and B-52s bomb Taliban target in Kabul and Kandahar.

November 9. Taliban city of Mazar-e-Sharif fall to the Northern Alliance.

November 10. U.S.B-52s and warplanes bomb Taliban positions North of Kabul.

November 11. Northern Alliance captures the Northern city of Talogua.

November 12. Taliban Forces withdrawal from the Afghan Capital of Kabul. Northern Alliance captures city.

November 13. Uprising in Kandahar and Jalalabad.Taliban Forces run.

November 14. Northern Alliance takes control of Kabul.8 foreign workers rescued.

November 15. Northern Alliance captures lays siege to Kunduz.

November 16. Key advisor to Bin Laden killed.

November 17. U.S. Jet pounds the City of Kunduz.

November 19. U.S. Military jets urge the people to hand over Osama Bin Laden.

November 20. B-52s bomb the Kunduz Providence.

November 21. More heavy bombing of Kunduz.

November 22. U.S. Warplanes bomb Taliban positions in Kunduz.

November 23. Taliban in Kunduz are given a deadline to surrender.U.S. Warplanes and B-52s bomb positions in Kunduz.

November 25. U.S. Marines take up positions near Kandahar.

November 26. Kunduz falls to Northern Alliance.

November 27. U.S. Jets bomb Kandahar.

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