The timeline of the Persian Gulf War (1990-1991)

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The timeline of The Persian Gulf War: From Saddam's Invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990 to The Cease-Fire in the Gulf on February 27, 1991.


August 2, 1990 . Iraq invades Kuwait with tanks. U.S. condemns Iraq for its invasion . President Bush cuts off trade with Iraq and freezes its assets . USS Independence and battle group heads to the Arabian Sea. Russia condemns invasion.

August 3 . President Bush promises aid to Saudi Arabia. Arab League condemns Iraq.

August 4 . Iraq troops close to Saudi border. Members of the E.U. join the United States in an oil embargo against Iraq. Iraq troops seizes 35 British soldiers in Kuwait.

August 5 . President Bush sends Defense Secretary Dick Cheney to Saudi Arabia. China halts arms sales to Iraq.

August 6 . U.N. prohibits trade with Iraq. Iraq builds up forces on the Saudi border.

August 7 . President Bush sends U.S. Troops to Saudi Arabia ; Troops consist of the 82nd Airborne, elements of the 24th Infantry Division and members of the 101st Airborne Division.

August 8 . Saddam Hussein annexes Kuwait.

August 9 . Arab Summit held in Cairo. France will send aircraft to the Gulf.

August 10 .  Arab leader agree to help Saudis. Iraq bans Westerners from crossing border into Jordan.

August 11 . Egypt sends troops to aid Saudis.

August 12 . President Bush orders interception of Iraqi ships.

August 14 . President Bush orders call up of 20,000 Reservist for Saudi Arabia.

August 16 . President Bush orders U.S. Navy to enforce embargo. King Hussein meet with President Bush.

August 17 . Iraq detains Western citizens.

August 18 . USS Read fires shots at Iraqi tanker. Iraq considers embargo and act of war.

August 19 . U.S. Build-up in Saudi Arabia consists of 101st Airborne Division, 82nd Airborne Division, 24th Infantry Division,1st Support Corps Command, 197th Infantry Brigade, 11th Artillery Brigade and the 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment.

August 21 . Syria sends 1,200 troops to Saudi Arabia.

August 22 President Bush orders mobilization of the Reserves.

August 24 . Pentagon will call up 46,700 Reservists.

August 25 . 35,000 U.S. Troops and 45,000 U.S. Marines in Saudi Arabia.

August 27 . U.N. approves force to stop trade with Iraq. U.S. expels 36 at Iraq Embassy.

August 29 . Saddam Hussein vows to stay in Kuwait.

September 1 . 5,000 Pakistani troops sent to Saudi Arabia.

September 2 . 47 hostages return to the United States from Iraq. 200 British hostages return home to Britain.

September 4 . U.S. Navy seizes Iraqi freighter in the Gulf of Oman.

September 5 . Saddam Hussein urges holy war against the West.

September 7 . 171 American flown from Kuwait to Jordon.

September 8 . Egypt pledges more troops to defend Saudi Arabia.

September 9 . Bush-Gorbachev meet for summit ;They talk about the Persian Gulf Crises. 100,000 U.S. troops, 7,000 French troops, and several thousands Arab Troops stationed in Saudi Arabia.

September 10 . Iraq restores ties with Iran.

September 11 . U.S. accuses Cuba and Romania of striking oil deals with Iraq.

September 12 . Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of Iran calls for holy war on U.S. troop presence in the Gulf. 500 Specialist called out of retirement for Gulf duty.

September 13 . Syria will send 10,000 troops to Saudi Arabia.

September 14 . Iraqis storm British, French, Canadian and Belgian embassies in Kuwait. U.S. fires warning shots at Iraqi tanker.

September 16 . President Bush tells Iraqi people "That war is near". Egypt will send 15,000 more troops; Pakistan will send 3,000 more.

September 17 . General Michael J. Dugan is fired for giving interview.

September 20 . U.S. transport ship sent to gulf. Saddam tapes a message for the American public saying "He will fight for years".

September 21 . Iraq expels Western diplomats.

September 23 . Iraq threatens to hit Israeli oil facilities.

September 25 . U.N. approves air blockade of Iraq and Kuwait.

September 27 . President Bush orders release of nations oil reserves.

September 29 . Member of the French Foreign Legion arrive in Saudi Arabia. The United States will have 165,000 troops, France will have 13,000 troops , Britain 3,000 troops from the 7th Armored Brigade in the region, and Egypt will have 14,000 more.

October 2 . The U.S. Senate will back President Bush on action.

October 3 . Saddam Hussein will make 1st trip to Kuwait since August 2

October 5 . Mikhail Gorbachev rules out sending any Russian troops to the Gulf.

October 7 . Members of the 519th Military Police Battalion, from Ft. Meade, will be sent to Saudi Arabia. Russia evacuates citizens from Iraq.

October 12 . U.S. Forces in Gulf tops 200,000

October 13 . Members of the National Guard 743rd Maintenance Company, from Florida, deployed to the Gulf.

October 14 . Iran and Iraq restores ties.

October 16 . President Bush heckled by protesters in Des Moines.

October 17 . Senators want President Bush to come to them before launching a military strike. Britain takes tough stand against Iraq.

October 19 . Iraq will ration gasoline.

October 20 . 4,000 rally in Columbus Circle N.Y., 200 in Washington, and several other cities against the possible invasion of Kuwait.

October 21 . U.S. ship fires warning shots at Iraqi merchant ship.

October 22 . Iraq prepares to free dozens of U.S. hostages from Iraq

October 23 . 14 Americans freed from Iraq.

October 25 . U.S. may send another 100,000 troops to the Gulf.

October 27 . Soviets get U.N. to delay Anti-Iraq vote.

October 28 . U.S. Marines board Iraqi tanker and find nothing.

October 29 . United Nations find Iraq liable for Kuwaiti damages.

October 30 . Boiler room fire kills 10 sailors in the Persian Gulf.

November 3 . Secretary of State James Baker tours 7 nations for Gulf action.

November 4 . Secretary of State James Baker visits troops in the Arabian Desert.

November 6 . Japan vows it will not send troops to Saudi Arabia. U.S. calls up combat reservist from: 824 Marines Corps and 24 members 4th Combat Engineers Battalion.

November 7 . Saddam Hussein meets with Former West Germany Minister Willy Brandt and releases 100 German prisoners.

November 8 . President Bush orders troop build-up of 200,000 in the Gulf. Troops Gulf-Bound units include:1st Armored Division,3rd Armored Division,1st Infantry Division,7th Corps Headquarters, Brigade of the 2nd Armored Division,2nd Armored Calvary Regiment, and other combat support units,2nd Marine Expeditionary Force,5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade, Marine Prepositioning Ship Squadron, Three Aircraft Escorts, Battleship Missouri and Appropriate Escort, Amphibious Group 3,48th Mechanized Infantry Brigade,155th Armored Brigade,258th Mechanized Infantry Brigade.

November 9 . 300 military reservist called to duty.

November 13 . Senators call for emergency session on the Persian Gulf Crises.

November 14 . Pentagon raises reserve and Guard Units to 72,500.

November 17 . President Bush asks Prague for support of Gulf action.

November 18 . Saddam Hussein vows to release all hostages.

November 19 . Iraq sends 250,000 more troops to Kuwait.

November 20 . U.S. tries to win Soviet support on the Gulf.

November 22 . President spend Thanksgiving Day in Saudi Arabia with 230,000 U.S. Troops.

November 24 . U.S. ready to seek U.N. vote for use of force in the Gulf.

November 25 . U.S. gives Iraqi deadline January deadline to withdrawal from Kuwait.

November 26 . 10,567 reservist called to duty.

November 28 . Secretary of State Baker confers with China, Cuba, and the Soviet Union at the United Nations

November 29 . United Nations ok's use of force after the January 15th deadline. U.S. dispatches 300 warplanes to the Gulf.

November 30 . President Bush offer to send Secretary of State James Baker to Bagdad.

December 1 . Iraq agrees to visit James Baker

December 5 . U.S.-Iraq prepare to hold talks.

December 6 . Saddam Hussein calls for hostage release.

December 8 . Iraq rejects January 15 timetable.

December 10 . 380 British hostages freed from Iraq.

December 11 . British Parliament backs Gulf Policy.

December 13 . Last of hostages freed from Iraq.

December 15 . Iraq to set date on meeting with Secretary of State James Baker.

December 17 . Consciousness objector found guilty.

December 19 . U.S. Commanders say "January 15 too soon to attack".

December 20 . Former British Prime Minister Edward Heath speaks out on U.S. Gulf Policy.

December 21 . Defense Secretary Dick Cheney promise U.S. Troops total victory.

December 23 . Iraqi Officials say" U.S. must make first move"

December 24 . Iraq removes its ambassadors from European countries.

December 25 . U.S. Troops spend Christmas in the desert.

December 26 . Peace activist ship turned back by U.S. and western ships.

December 27 . Iraq sends its ambassadors back to posts in Europe. President will not compromise with Iraq.

December 28 . 17 ship armada ,with 16,000 U.S. Marines and sailors set sail for the Persian Gulf.

December 29 . Saddam Hussein vows not to quit Kuwait. Iraq sends 100,000 troops on the Turkish border.

December 30 . Congressional leaders suggest diplomatic talks with Iraq. 11 peace activist arrested for trying to climb the White House fence.

December 31 . Vice-President Dan Quayle visits troops in Saudi Arabia.

January 2 , 1991 . Iraq will leave Kuwait under certain circumstances.

January 3 . President Bush will make last attempt at peace talks.

January 5 . Iraq rejects talks with European Community.

January 6 . Saddam tells the Iraqi Army to prepare for war.

January 7 . Iraqis defect to Saudi Arabia.

January 9 . U.S.- Iraq talks fail to end war threat.

January 10 . Secretary of State James Baker goes to The Gulf to discuss war with the Saudis.

January 11 . Saddam says "His troops are ready to fight the United States".

January 12 . Congress gives President Bush the right to use force. U.S. diplomats leave Bagdad. U.S. Embassy staff to leave Iraq. Peace rallies spread across Europe: 30,000 in Berlin, 50,000 in Paris, 42,000 in Hyde Park, and 30,000 in Rome.

January 15 . U.S. ready to launch attacks. Iraq defies deadline. 1,000 protestors in front of the White House shout anti-war slogans. Ten of thousands rally against war.

January 16 . U.S. forces goes to war in the Gulf.


January 16.President tells the public the United States is at war. Missiles from 4 nations hit key targets in Iraq and Kuwait. British jets are among the first to hit Iraq. Anti-War protest around the U.S. and the globe.

January 17.Iraq missiles hit Israel. U.S. planes take off from Saudi Arabia attack the Iraqi Republican Guard, missile sites in Western Iraq and chemical and biological facilities. U.S. strikes at facilities in Basra. U.S. and Coalition forces move to the Southern border of Kuwait. Iraq artillery shells the Saudi city of Khafji. U.S. Patriot missile knocks down a Iraqi scuds in Saudi Arabia. One U.S. plane, two British planes and 1 Kuwaiti lost.

January 18.Israel hit by another scud missile. U.S. and Allied warplanes begin Search-and-Destroy Missions in Iraq.1,600 Anti-War protestors across the United States and the globe. House votes for military action in the Gulf 399-6.

January 19.U.S. Recon missions in Western Iraq search for scuds .U.S. and Allied troops begin bombing on Iraq Troop Contrations.B52 Bombers and F1A-18 Hornet Fighters in the City of Basra. The USS Nicholas Army Helicopters and a Kuwaiti patrol boat cripple Iraqi forces operating from Kuwaiti oil platform.25,000 Anti-War protestors march from the White House to the Martin Luther King Library. Anti-War Protest around the globe.

January 20.U.S.intercepts Iraqi missile attacks on two Saudi cities. U.S. aircraft attack Iraq.3,000 war supporters demonstrate in New York City. Protestors in Syria and Egypt Iraq.

January 21.U.S.Intercepts Iraqi missile attack. U.S. pilot rescued in the Iraqi Desert.

January 22. Iraqi missile hits Tel Aviv killing 3.Iraq sets fire to Kuwaiti Oil Fields.4 Navy A-6 warplanes attack Iraq.

January 23.Scud missile repelled in Saudi Arabia.

January 24.Iraqi Jets downed. Saudi F-15 planes shoot down two Iraqi planes. Allied airstrikes against the Republican Guard. Allied forces and Iraqi forces clash at the Kuwaiti Island Quruh.

January 25.Iraq attacks Tel Aviv and Riyadh killing 2.

January 26.Oil spills spread throughout the Gulf.75,000 demonstrate against War in the Gulf. Thousand protest around the world. Scud attack in Saudi Arabia. A car bomb explodes in Turkey.U.S.Marines fire at Iraqi positions 27 miles Southwest of Kuwaiti City. Allied bombers hit desert positions.

January 27.U.S. bombs strike at stopping oil spill. Two U.S. F-15s engage 4 Iraq MIG-23s Southwest of Bagdad. British pilots hit missile site.

January 28. 60 jets flee to Iran. Scud missile fired into West Bank. Iraqi ground fire downs U.S. pilot.

January 29. Soviets offer cease-fire .U.S. jets attack Iraqi convoy in Kuwait near the Saudi Arabia border. Allied Air Force shoots down Iraqi MIG.

January 30. Iraqi troops cross the Saudi Arabia border. 12 U.S. Marines die in battle. Iraqis fight to hold town of Khafji in Saudi Arabia.

January 31. Allied troops recapture town of Khafji. Scud hits West Bank. Saudi troops and U.S. Marines recapture town.AC-130 shot down in enemy territory.

February 1. U.S. Tomahawk Missile hits Bagdad. More oil spills in the Gulf. Allied air campaign against the Republican Guard. Battles in Wafra, Kuwait and Khaji.

February 2. Scud Missiles hit Israel. Scud Missile hits Riyadh. Two U.S. planes shot down.

February 4. Four Marine jets attack 25 to 30 Iraqi tanks across the Border. USS Missouri attack Iraqi bunkers.

February 5. USS Missouri attack Iraqi artillery batteries in Kuwait. Ten more planes retreat to Iran. French planes and U.S. B-52s bomb Bagdad and Takrit.

February 6. U.S. shoots down two Iraqi planes headed for Iran. U.S. airstrikes attack the Republican Guard.

February 7. USS Wisconsin blasts Iraqi military battery

February 8. Scud Missile fired at Tel Aviv. U.S. Aircraft bomb missile launchers in Western Iraq.USS Wisconsin hit piers and boats used by Iraq. U.S. Marines blast Iraqi artillery positions near the UMM Gudar Oil Fields in Kuwait.

February 9. Sporadic fighting along the Kuwait-Saudi Border. Allied warplanes attack Iraq destroying 750 tanks, 650 artillery pieces, and 600 armored personal carriers.

February 10. U.S. planes attack the Republican Guard on the Iraq-Kuwait Border ,Bridges and highways to supply them. U.S. Airstrikes on Iraq hit two government buildings.

February 11. Two scuds fired into Israel. Scud fired into Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Allied planes hit Basra hard British navy helicopter hits Iraqi patrol boat.

February 12. Land-Air-Sea battles in Southern Kuwait. Allied Airstrikes hit two government buildings in Iraq.

February 13. 12 hour bombardment of Bagdad.

February 14. Iraq fires two scud missiles at Hafra-al-Batin South of Kuwait. B-52s bomb a missile assembly and a repair factory in Iraq.

February 15. President Bush calls Iraq peace offer a hoax. Allied forces step up air attacks on Iraqi positions in Southern Iraq and Kuwait. Iraq fires scuds into Saudi Arabia.

February 16. Bombers hit Bagdad through the night. Iraq gunners shoot down two U.S. warplanes over Kuwait. Iraq fires scud missile into Israel.

February 17. U.S. patrols clash with Iraqi Troops along the Saudi-Kuwaiti Border.

February 18. U.S. warship hits mine. Skirmishes along the Saudi-Kuwaiti Border. Mikhail Gorbachev wants peace offering on war.

February 19. Bush says "Soviet plans fall short". Scud missile hits Tel Aviv. Army helicopter enters Iraqi territory. Allied forces take Iraqi prisoners and bomb Iraqi artillery positions. U.S. A-10 Airplane is lost.

February 20. Four U.S. helicopters move across the Saudi Border and pound enemy bunkers.

February 21. Iraq-Soviet agree to peace plan. The British 1st Armored Division unleashes a barrage of 1,300 shells and 144 rockets. U.S. Apache Helicopters knock out 5 anti-aircraft systems . Iraq fires 2 scuds into Saudi Arabia.

February 22. 2,700 sorties flown against Iraq and Kuwait. Oil well burn in Kuwait.

February 23. Massive coalition forces enter Kuwait against the 500,000 man Iraq Army.

February 24. Iraq shoots scud missile into Israel. The 1st and 2nd Marine Division moves into Kuwait . 5,000 Iraqi prisoners taken.

February 25. Twenty-seven U.S. soldiers killed when an Iraqi scud missile hit U.S. military barracks.82nd Airborne holds positions at airport.2nd Marine Division reaches the suburbs of Kuwaiti capital. Allied bombers hit Iraqi missile  in Faylakah.

February 26. Allies race to circle Iraqi units in Kuwait. Iraqi troops in retreat. Allied units reach Kuwait City. Half of Iraqi forces were decimated.

February 27. Cease-fire in the Gulf. Operation Desert Storm comes to a close.

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