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The timeline of events that took place during the week of 9-11



September 9

Attack kills 5 Israelis and 3 Arabs

Baltimore Ravens beat Bears 17 to 6

Small town Americans less healthy

President Bush backs cuts in capital gains tax

Serbia exhumes 26 bodies from mass grave

Nigerian patrols halt Christian-Muslim violence

Belarus President claims victory in vote


September 10

President Bush urges passage of education plan

U.N. arms embargo lifted in Yugoslavia

David Bonior confirms that he will step down

Former drug cartel leader pleads innocent in Miami

Court dismisses case against George Bush's daughter Barbara

Donald Rumsfeld urges fat trimmed from Pentagon

Robert Mugabe is warned about seizing white-owned farms

Russians offer option on U.S. Missile Defense

Israeli and Palestinian to meet on cease-fire


September 11

Hijacked plane destroys World Trade Center

Jet crashes into the Pentagon

Jet crashes into a field in Pennsylvania

F.A.A halts air travel

Bin Laden is linked to the attacks

International offense against terrorist urged

President bush vows to get those responsible for the terrorist attacks and those that harbor them

Attack cancels the New York Primary Elections

Thousands are presumed to be dead in the World Trade Center attack

Taliban Leader condemns attack

Palestinians celebrate the attack on the World Trade Center

Most of the world condemns the attacks

Iraq downs U.S. Recon plane

Israeli tanks seal off Jenin

Brazilian Mayor fatally shot


September 12

4,000 agents on case of the attacks

Number of obese rises to 40 million in the U.S.

Stock Market to remain closed

U.S. under tight control

Flags fly around the United States

Democrats and Republicans put differences aside

Many cities in the U.S. increase security

11 Palestinians are killed by Israelis in attack

White Zimbabwe farmers are attacked

Some countries call for ban on land mines

Two activist are detained in Syria


September 13

U.S. vows global assault on terrorist

Airports reopen around the United States

Colin Powell labels Bin Laden as a suspect

N.Y. neighbors rally around Arabs and Muslims

Congress backs President Bush

U.S. pressures Pakistan to destroy Bin Laden Network

Israeli sends tanks into Jericho and Jenin

Senate confirms U.N. Ambassador John D. Negroponte


September 14

U.S. calls up 50,000 troops for security and clean-up

More than 100 in terror probe sought

Lawmakers approve $40 Billion for relief and military response

President Bush rallies rescue workers in New York

Moments of prayers and silence around the U.S. and the world

Palestinians hold sympathy vigils for America


September 15

"Were at War" George Bush warns the American public

Pakistan promises support, Iran seals off Afghan Border

The U.S.S. Cole is re-launched

President Bush vows to go after terrorist

Demonstrations in Pakistan by Muslim Fundamentalist



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